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The world’s worst blogger? February 18, 2006

Posted by Steve in Driving.

Hmm, not sure if I’m really getting into this blogging thing. I have possibly the biggest news about my life since 2001 (the year I both graduated and bought a house) and I’ve sat on it for two days before blogging it.

So here goes

Driving Test Certificate
I’m excited (as well as slightly terrified) about the prospect of getting behind the wheel on my own, but I’m kind of in limbo at the moment – my license and pass certificate are currently on the way to Swansea to be exchanged for my full license, so I suspect that if I turn up at a showroom and ask for a test drive I’m not going to get much mileage (pun entirely intended).

Anyway, I’m off out with my new camera, which I was finally able to get delivered on Thursday morning, which I took off work to spend pacing around the house getting worried about the test, so expect to see some piccies here later 🙂


1. Ken - February 19, 2006

Congratulations Steve on p[assing your driving test. A couple of words of wisdom, given to me by my father (a Police trained driver)and passed on in the same spirit. ‘You have learnt how to pass your test, now you have to learn how to drive.’ When I passed my ‘bike test back in 49 or early 50 it was no great shakes. When I passed my car test, probably in 63 or thereabouts it was ‘Great Shakes’ when I had to drive back to pick up my Instructor who was waiting for me (deliberately?) on the other side of a four way junction. I let him drive back to his office, where I had left my ‘bike. Next day all my nerves had gone though and I was thinking about buying my first car. Enjoy your new freedom.


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