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I remember when banks used to listen March 6, 2006

Posted by Steve in General Wittering, Moans, Whinges and Rants.

Ouch, two moan posts in a row…

Could someone explain to me what the Halifax are playing at? I have their Web Saver account, which is supposed to be operated online.

In an attempt to buy a car today (which didn’t happen, but I don’t want to do three moans in a row so I’ll spare you that story) I turned up at the bank to attempt to withdraw several hundred poinds to purchase the modest vehicle I was interested in. Having established that the ATM would only allow me £300 per day I took my place in the queue. The cashier swiped my card and found that he wasn’t given an option on his screen to allow a withdrawl. A little head scratching and investigation found that as it’s a Web saver account, I’m unable to use the branch facilities, I get a (marginally) better interest rate because I have to do things online and via the ATM.

Which is fine when it *is* something I don’t have to waste the staff’s time with. But how am I supposed to withdraw larger amounts? Do the Halifax not realise that people use savings accounts to accumulate money to make large purchases? Apparently closing the account wasn’t even an option in the branch.
Suggestions for less clueless financial institutions gratefully received.


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