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Water set of numpties! July 28, 2007

Posted by Steve in General Wittering, Moans, Whinges and Rants.
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So a card arrives through the door on Tuesday saying that Balfour Beatty, Yorkshire Water’s contractors, need to turn my water supply off on Thursday and Friday from 0800 to 2000 for some work they’re doing. Fair enough, so I bought several litres of cheap bottled water just in case.

Thursday, come home to find the water is still on and isn’t mud coloured so assume it hasn’t been turned off.

Friday, come home to no water. 6.30 bloke in yellow hi-vis vest comes to ask if it’s back on yet and advising me to wiggle the stop-cock to free any muck that’s got into it. Nope, not working, says I. There’s a plumber coming down the street who’ll be with you shortly, says he.

7.00 Friday, go out for the evening and come home to find still no water.

9.00 Saturday ring Yorkshire Water and politely ask WTF is going on, and am told somebody will ring back within the hour. I point out that as I’ve been without water for about 24 hours now that that isn’t good enough and suggest that they ring back in the next 15 minutes and get themselves here to fix it within the hour, and am told that she’s already put it a high priority, it would usually be 2 hours for the call.

Call happens within an hour and plumber sets off. When he gets here he tells me he’d been working his way down the street fixing people’s supply last night, got to me about 10pm – only 2 hours after the water was meant to be back on – and nobody was answering the door (I was in the pub) He discovers that no water is getting to the meter chamber and that the gang is going to have to come back to dig the road up and fix it. A lash-up is possible in the meantime but he has only one set of the parts it needs and the lash-up needs two.

So as things stand, I still have no water, and a gang is coming back this afternoon to either dig up the road again or install a trip hazard between next door’s meter chamber and mine to lash it up.

Ah well, should be a nice bit of compensation on the way…

Update Sunday morning: The plumber did indeed call the gang out to fix both mine and a neighbour a few doors down. Their innovatove solution to the neighbours’ problem? A long pipe going from an outside tap at a house several doors down, through the sodding letter box! The plumber bloke was back on site to sort out next door (my new neighbour is moving in today amidst this chaos), and he took one look at this bodge and described the gang who had done it as “wankers”, and mentioned that their letter box bodge is actually illegal.

They hadn’t bothered to do anything to put my water back on, so he added an extra lash-up onto the one the main contractors had done and added a T piece into the hose pipe and fed it into my meter chamber. So I now have water, courtesy of somebody else’s outside tap. That’s gonna be nice, clean drinking water then ::sigh::

Update Tuesday PM: Well here we are, water still fed via a glorified garden hose. Balfour Beatty have been on site most of the last two days and still haven’t managed to fix whatever it is they buggered up!

Update Thursday AM:  Still on the hosepipe, but their Customer Service Co-ordinator came round yesterday with an update, it seems that they’ve been spraying the inside of the water main with something to reinforce it, and in doing so they’ve managed to block the spur that my water is fed from.  And they need to dig it up and drill a hole in to clear it.  And they tried it on Tuesday but dug in the wrong place.  But they’re going to send me a hamper to apologise for the inconvenience, and hopefully I’ll still get the compo from Yorkshire Water themselves.