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A modern fable? February 2, 2008

Posted by Steve in General Wittering, Techie Stuff.

Working in IT, users who can be difficult come with the territory. But for every few cretins who seem to think they way to get things done is to email you (with insufficient detail to know what the problem is)  CC’d to your boss, your boss’s boss and their boss, there’s usually somebody really nice who couldn’t be more appreciative of your work.

And so it was that on Friday one of my fellow IT guys mentioned that a particular lecturer had commented that it was hard to see a projector if you were sitting at the back of one of the computer labs.   Since we’d upgraded to a Smart board, the size of the screen was limited, to make sure that short arses vertically challenged users would be able to reach the top of it.  We’d considered a number of possible ways to fix it, such as a plasma screen suspended from the ceiling halfway back, but not come up with anything that seemed workable that wouldn’t require spending money.

But this time the “complaint” came from one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet, a true gentleman, the kind of guy who is embarrassed to cause a fuss and complain about things.  For him to be complaining (albeit in the weakest possible terms) there was clearly a problem, rather than somebody whinging for the sake of it.

So an idea I’d floated that VNC with listening clients might just work was resurrected.  We hadn’t tried it before in case it brought the lecturer’s PC to a crawl.  A couple of hours tinkering and the lecturers’ PC had two sparkly new shortcuts on the desktop – one to start broadcasting its output to the 12 PCs at the back, and one to stop.  Fairly elegant, and it cost absolutely nothing, and doesn’t seem to be a significant performance hit.

So I guess the moral of the story is that being a nice guy can get results a lot faster than being a pillock.


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