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A Bank Holiday by the Sea May 5, 2008

Posted by Steve in Photography.
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Amazingly the forecast rain held off. I decided I’d give the car a bit of a run out and take my digital camera off to take some pictures of sea birds at Bempton Cliffs – it’s somewhere I went probably the best part of 20 years ago as a kid, and it’s famous for being home to lots of puffins during the summer. There was approximately 1 there today!

My trusty Kodak Z740 has a 10x optical zoom, but that wasn’t enough to get good shots of distant birds, so the digital zoom came into play. People can often be dismissive of the digital zoom, but if it’s a question of not getting the shot or getting it, but with a few digital artefacts, there’s no choice. That said having a decent optical zoom for the digital to extend is far better than digital alone.