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Don’t drink and drive – Denis Leary style November 30, 2006

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I’m guessing that the government is going to launch its annual Christmas Drink Driving campaign before very long. I think this effort (which is actually an advert rather than an official Public Information Film) is brilliant – contains moderate language.

Autopoilot update October 14, 2006

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Just a quick post for anybody who’s been trying to use www.autopoilot.co.uk recently, seems that somebody did a bit of over-zealous tidying up on the server and broke the site. It’s back up and running – and with an added experimental UK postcode search feature.

Don’t blame me! August 22, 2006

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But this is pretty funny – debatable whether it’s work safe, if the F word is in general use in your office then it should be ok   Shiela’s Wheels Parody

Announcement: AutoPoilot April 10, 2006

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I’ve been busy for the last couple of days doing a spot of programming. I tend to go through phases where I really get into it – particularly if there’s an itch which needs scratching.

So I present – http://www.autopoilot.co.uk

Using the Google Maps Api it lets you create custom Point of Interest files for use on your SatNav unit, which can be downloaded in either Garmin format or, thanks to Eddy, for TomTom.

Feedback welcome!

I think I’m entitled March 12, 2006

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to be a little miffed… Having eventually bought myself a set of wheels yesterday (and managed to get it round the ring road in one piece!)…
my motor!
I wake up to a wonderful snow scene. So I'm not going anywhere today 😦 Ah well.

Big wide world here I come March 10, 2006

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Everything feels a little strange at the moment. I completed my Pass Plus course today. It’s a 6 hour top-up driving course, which prepares you for some of the things you might not have done on normal lessons. (and is worth a year’s no claims from some insurers)

I suppose I should be happy, but it all feels strange. No longer do I have the safety net of a driving instructor with a brake pedal by my side. I’m on my own. And I’m not sure if I really like the idea of that.

It feels a lot like when I left home, and I got used to that soon enough, so I guess flying the nest and going it alone this time will sink in sooner or later… anyway I’d better get back to trawling the autotrader site

The world’s worst blogger? February 18, 2006

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Hmm, not sure if I’m really getting into this blogging thing. I have possibly the biggest news about my life since 2001 (the year I both graduated and bought a house) and I’ve sat on it for two days before blogging it.

So here goes

Driving Test Certificate
I’m excited (as well as slightly terrified) about the prospect of getting behind the wheel on my own, but I’m kind of in limbo at the moment – my license and pass certificate are currently on the way to Swansea to be exchanged for my full license, so I suspect that if I turn up at a showroom and ask for a test drive I’m not going to get much mileage (pun entirely intended).

Anyway, I’m off out with my new camera, which I was finally able to get delivered on Thursday morning, which I took off work to spend pacing around the house getting worried about the test, so expect to see some piccies here later 🙂