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The Grate British Public March 20, 2007

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You have to wonder about some people – under the new rules downloads (from “proper” sites like iTunes) alone are sufficient to get records into the Top 40.

This week, enough muppets bought the original version of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers thinking it was the fantastic Comic Relief version that the original re-entered the charts at no37.


What’s your TQ? March 10, 2007

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Got this through a PayPal newsletter thing, a 20 question test to find out your TQ = that’s your Technology Quotient. I got 134 which apparently makes me a “Techy genius or near genius”. So there.


FWIW I reckon questions 5 and 14 are a bit dubious… in fact scratch that – their answer to question 5 is plain wrong. And I must know what I’m talking about because I’m a “techy genius”.

Vista Simulator February 10, 2007

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Some of the most incisive commentary on Vista so far, courtesy of Simon Travaglia at The Register

“So you like Vista?”

“Not really, no. I run a Vista simulator.”

“Virtual Server?” the Boss asks.

“Nah, I just turned on all the flashy crap in XP, changed the background image, took some memory out of my box and clocked down the CPU. Then broke Media player. Works like a charm.”


::sigh:: These guys just don’t get it January 6, 2007

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This video appeared on YouTube yesterday, posted by researchers at Cambridge. They’ve managed to make a Chip and Pin card reader run a Tetris game


Now this is scary stuff, it seems that it is possible for these allegedly tamper proof card readers to have the program running on them replaced with something arbitrary. Which means that somebody could replace it with a program which looked exactly like the interface you normally get on such a reader but have it take the card details and PIN number and store it.

But, the people commenting on YouTube seem more concerned with slagging off the guy’s Tetris abilities. I give up.

Holidays are coming December 6, 2006

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It always used to be CocaCola who did the really good advert for a soft beverage at Christmas. Not any more though. Stand aside, Coke – behold Irn Bru’s advert

Don’t drink and drive – Denis Leary style November 30, 2006

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I’m guessing that the government is going to launch its annual Christmas Drink Driving campaign before very long. I think this effort (which is actually an advert rather than an official Public Information Film) is brilliant – contains moderate language.

A challenge October 26, 2006

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I am nerdier than 90% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Beat that! <g&gt;

Autopoilot update October 14, 2006

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Just a quick post for anybody who’s been trying to use www.autopoilot.co.uk recently, seems that somebody did a bit of over-zealous tidying up on the server and broke the site. It’s back up and running – and with an added experimental UK postcode search feature.

Google’s latest feature September 10, 2006

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This is a work of genius – Google Image Labeller

Here’s the deal – Google image search can be a bit, well crappy, at times, because images on the web don’t really have much in the way of metadata  – it has to guess what a picture is all about from the surrounding text.

So Google have come up with a game, where you’re partnered with a random person and shown a series of images.  You type in keywords for the picture and your partner does as well.  When you both match the same terms you get 100 points and a new picture.

Ok, it’s not the best online game you’ll ever find, but you are doing something useful and helping to make it easier to find pictures to plagiarise in the future 😉

Don’t blame me! August 22, 2006

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But this is pretty funny – debatable whether it’s work safe, if the F word is in general use in your office then it should be ok   Shiela’s Wheels Parody